Environmental Testing


Microbial (Mold) -Mold and other spore types

Lab testing for Mold spore types, E. coli, and other airborne or growing micro-organisms.


Soot, Ash and Char testing to quantify particles is area as a residue from fires  working with Insurance companies.


Testing soil for heavy metals,  pH, or salinity.  Urban dirt can have higher-than-healthy concentrations of lead, arsenic and other toxic metals that accumulate over time.

Water -Turbidity, Alkalinity & pH

 We offer a full range of testing methods in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, CA Title 22, Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule, Lead & Copper Rule and UCMR regulations. 


Toxicology reporting through sampling of materials found in residential homes and commercial building materials such as paint


Sampling for carcinogens and materials containing asbestos fibers.