Environmental Condition Assessment (ECA)

As part of PristineAIRE’s Construction Quality Control (CQC) to commercial property due diligence services, we also provide Environmental Condition Assessments (ECAs). ECAs are often required prior to the purchase, sale or refinancing of an asset, or by property managers to ensure that buildings and related structures are maintained by the tenants in accordance with lease obligations. ECAs are limited reports primarily directed at noting construction defects or components that seem to exhibit less than expected service life or that have been poorly maintained, however they are not intended to develop detailed remedial plans for identified problems. An ECA report includes a visual assessment of the conditions of the property elements such as landscape, structural and roofing systems, electrical/mechanical systems, paved areas, architectural finishes, drainage,  fire protection, etc.

  • Report is prepared according to ICC, and ASTM E2018-01 Standards.
  • All work completed under direction of an industry professional
  • Custom reporting criteria may be specified by client
  • ADA Compliance
  • Cost to Cure Estimates
  • Quick Report turn-around time

ECAs completed under ASTM standards provide cost estimates for rectifying deferred maintenance which is to be addressed immediately, or Short Term Repairs which refer to physical deficiencies that need to be corrected in the near future, usually within the first year or two.

PristineAIRE certified professionals can provide clients with ECA reports that meet the ASTM standard, as needed.

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