Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment)

Consultation/Visual Inspection

A Phase I or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) is an integral part of a commercial, industrial or residential real estate transaction. The Phase 1 Environmental report provides an analysis of a property’s past and current uses, and outlines any environmental conditions that may pose as a potential liability for the current property owner or prospective purchaser.

Anyone who plans to buy or sell commercial, industrial or residential real estate should obtain a Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment). Such environmental inspections are an important requirement to protect investor/prospective purchasers and owner/sellers from environmental liability. The Phase I Report or ESA will analyze the risks associated with any property and identify any potential environmental cleanup needed on and around the property. Getting an accurate environmental report is essential to protect both the owner/seller and the investor/prospective purchaser.

PristineAIRE offers highly professional environmental inspectors to prepare Phase 1 Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) reports for clients in Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties. PristineAIRE’s environmental professionals conduct Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessments) according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), and ASTM 1527-13 standards; following the guidance of the ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments (E-1527-13), the EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Standard, and for HUD funded projects the HUD Multifamily accelerated process (MAP) 223(f) requirements including the completion of HUD Form 4128.

PristineAIRE’s environmental professionals are qualified to conduct environmental assessments throughout the California, assessing a wide variety of buildings and residential properties. PristineAIRE’s Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) clientele include real estate and commercial brokers, lending institutions, developers, public redevelopment agencies, investors, insurance companies, government contract agencies, the SBA, brownfields developers, and more. The Los Angeles-based PristineAIRE is ready to serve clients with their need environment inspections needs.

PristineAIRE’s Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) services include:


  •  Site Walk
  • Quick report turn-around time


  • Comprehensive review of historical information including building permits, aerial photographs, city directories, topographic maps, and other resources
  • A complete report fully documenting all research activity and providing conclusions and recommendations
  • Report review by an experienced Environmental Professional (EP)


  • Soil nature and type
  • Groundwater flow and depth
  • Geological setting and mapping


  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) and ASTM E1527-13 compliant.
  • HUD & SBA compliance as applicable
  • Federal, State, and local regulatory database search
  • Environmental Health department
  • Public Works
  • Fire Department
  • Sanitation Department
  • International Construction Code (ICC) compliant

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