Phase II Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment)

TESTING for Mold, Microbial, Asbestos/Lead or Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

A Phase II Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) Investigation is conducted on a site where the suspect or known leak, infestation or environmental condition is known to exist. Due diligence is maintained in this second step process by the having successfully conducted a Phase I Report or ESA (Environmental Site Assessment), which is the fact finding phase by Regulatory Agency Inspection or general knowledge. The goal of the Phase II process (which may include several site-field investigations and multiple reports) it to determine the type of infestation or substance, concentration or amount of volume in affected area.

The handling process is also a consideration at this point, which would lead into Phase III Report or ESR (Environmental Site Remediation) if recommended to remediate. However, the Phase II Report can include area sampling by viable (airborne) and nonviable lift tape, swab, debris or fungal sampling; water or soil collection from surface, subsurface levels and at depth as to best gather the strongest samples for any chemicals or contaminants which may be present. All area specimen samples are handled within a strict chain of custody and are submitted to a certified third party lab.

Once lab samples are cured and examined for type of infestation or contaminant levels, the certified third party lab will compile a finding report and submit to PristineAIRE via email. PristineAIRE and its qualified Environment Site Assessors (ESA) will interpret the report and determine the health or structural risks found and how to best remediate for maximum value and health safety to any given property.

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